Let’s Get Back to Work: Conference Room Edition

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Ready to ditch the horrors of remote work and get back into the office again? Returning to the office is going to look and feel much different, and modern conference room design needs to prioritize the health and safety of all employees. Here’s how to prep your office space for a return to in-person working.


First and foremost, you have to consider comfort in a conference room, and to do that you may need to invest in movable office furniture. The most modern conference rooms of today are flexible, offering plenty of seating as well as plenty of personal space for everyone who needs to take part in a meeting. When choosing office furniture for your space, focus on selecting seating that’s lightweight and reconfigurable. Even better, select options with rollers so you can switch things up with little to no effort.


A dark, dingy conference room doesn’t inspire creativity and innovation. While it’s best to take advantage of the natural light that comes into the space, it’s not always enough to ensure your working environment is well lit. If possible, update your lighting with LED fixtures and invest in dimmable controls. A dimmer allows you to have bright illumination for meetings and group discussions with the flexibility to adjust to lower illumination for presentations or livestreams. You should also consider the temperature, or color, of the light in the space, and use a neutral temperature that will help your team stay alert and productive during meetings.

Color scheme

A simple coat of paint offers a surprisingly effective way to change the look and feel of a conference room (or any room in your office). Consider painting your conference room in an inspiring, bright color like white, light blue, green or yellow. Alternatively, you could add in colors from your business’s logo or branding if they’re appropriate to use in interior environments.

Audio/visual equipment

Premium-quality audio and video equipment is essential in a modern conference room. Not only does your setup need to be up to date, but it also needs to be simple to configure and powerful enough to avoid any connectivity or resolution issues that can derail an important presentation. With the rise of video conferencing, you need to have updated equipment to ensure the best possible meeting experience for your entire team, especially those who are unable to physically make it into the office for whatever reason. Talk with an office equipment professional to make sure you’re running with the most up-to-date video conferencing equipment to ensure your conference room is ready for any video meeting, conference call or livestream.

You don’t have to make major architectural changes to switch up the conference room design of your office space. Often, by investing in a few key components like movable office furniture, lighting, an updated color scheme and quality AV equipment, you can make your conference room a more productive space for meeting and collaborating with your team. Learn more about designing your ideal office conference room by contacting the experts at Devine’s Office Supplies today.

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