Elevate Your Workspace and Indulge Your Senses with Candles

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Now that many Americans have been working from home for over a year, we’ve created home offices that allow us to stay productive while being more comfortable than a traditional office space. We recommend including candles in your home office, because scents can affect your productivity. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about which candles to buy for your home office:

  • Enhance your productivity: Believe it or not, you might not need an extra cup of coffee in the morning to stay productive—the right candle can do it for you! Candles boost our productivity because the scent triggers extra activity in the brain’s thalamus, which controls motor function. Some Japanese offices circulate lemon and rosemary scents through the air vents to give employees more mental and physical energy.
  • Put your mind at ease: While some scents enhance productivity, others help alleviate any stress you’re feeling at work. Scents can release serotonin and dopamine that help regulate your mood and keep you feeling nice and calm, even during stressful or lengthy Zoom meetings.
  • Mask overwhelming odors: It’s true that scents can affect our productivity, and they set the right mood for your home office—but they’re also great for hiding any nasty smells. Whether it’s the trash can or the litter box, bad smells can throw off your day. If you don’t have time to remove the odor source now, simply light one of your candles.

What are some of the best candle scents for your home office?

As we alluded to above, different scents can serve different purposes. Though it ultimately depends on your personal preference, these are some of the best candles for working from home:

  • Rosemary: The woodsy and fresh scent of rosemary is known to lower stress levels while stimulating your mind. This is a great option for anyone dealing with stressful Monday morning meetings.
  • Jasmine: Even if they’re not in the actual office, stress, tension, anxiety and even depression are common among workers. One of the best scents for alleviating these feelings is jasmine.
  • Coffee: One of the top scents that triggers activity in the thalamus is coffee. A coffee-scented candle is the perfect pick-me-up for workers who aren’t exactly early birds.
  • Lemon: A lemon candle is ideal for relieving tension and boosting productivity. The fresh scent even creates a perception of cleanliness, which is ideal for anyone who needs a clean workspace.
  • Lavender: Consider using a lavender candle to give yourself a feeling of total relaxation. We recommend lighting a lavender candle towards the end of the work day to help decompress right before logging off.

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