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Lighting is an underrated component of any home office. Poor lighting can have a negative effect on your mood, and can reduce your energy levels, cause headaches and ultimately make your workday a lot less efficient than you’d prefer. Conversely, the right kind of lighting can enhance your mood and help increase productivity.

As a general rule, natural light is best whenever possible. This is the type of light that we as humans have evolved in and are most suited for, especially for long stretches of time. While this type of ambient lighting is great, it’s often not enough to fully illuminate a room. And it’s not going to be effective when the sun goes down, so it’s necessary to have some other kind of light available for the home office.

Here are some of our top home office lighting tips in Woodward, OK.

Natural light

As mentioned, the best type of light is natural light. Sunlight filtering in through a window or a skylight can have a positive effect on your mood and productivity. This can create some glare, however, so it’s best to position your workspace to minimize any glare from the computer screen. If that’s not possible, there are window treatments and screens that can help reduce or eliminate glare all day or at specific times of the day.

Indirect light

The glare of overhead lights is an energy drain for our eyes and brains and can make a workspace feel stale. The best type of lighting next to natural light is indirect light, which comes from reflecting the light source against the walls and ceiling to disperse the effect of illumination. This can come from a floor lamp, a sconce or even a table or desk lamp. Lampshades will make a big difference here as well in terms of the overall amount of light in the room and the look and feel of the space.

As opposed to overhead lighting, the purpose of indirect lighting is to reduce glare and contrast in the room and to eliminate unnecessary shadows.

Task lighting

Another type of lighting to consider is task lighting. This type of lighting focuses light on a certain area, for example on one side of a desk. This can be useful for times when you need more light for a specific task but don’t want to light up the whole room more than necessary. A desk lamp can be helpful here. Both tabletop desk lamps and clamp-on desk lamps can be found with adjustable articulations for maximum customization.

All in all, finding the best solution for lighting your home office boils down to eliminating glare and making the most efficient, comfortable space in which to get work done.

Whether you’re looking for specific types of lighting for your home office or you need some home office lighting tips in Woodward, OK, to make the best decision for your space, contact the pros at Devine’s Office Supplies today to make your home office space functional and beautiful.

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