Top Home Office Trends of 2021

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Whether we like it or not, the home office has become a ubiquitous feature of office life. With so many companies doing away with traditional offices altogether, working from home has become much more than just a fad. If you need ideas for creating a more permanent workspace in your home, here are the top home office trends in 2021 in Woodward, OK.

Emphasize home, not office

Break out of any perceived notions you may have about home offices needing to be a replica of the corporate environment. Instead of an uncomfortable office chair, you could use a chair that matches the ones at your dining table, which can double as extra seating when you’re entertaining guests. Alternatively, a sit-stand desk will allow you to change your position throughout the day, which can be beneficial to your posture and overall health.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality be reflected in your décor. Choose bright and bold colors if that’s what your tastes gravitate towards. Decorate your space with pop culture knickknacks if they make you happy. Bring a little bit of nature indoors with plants, whose presence alone has been known to increase productivity. Gone are the days of office culture stifling your creativity. It’s not unprofessional—it’s your home!

Maximize productivity

As important as it is to make your home office feel cozy and comfortable, it still needs to be an environment that’s conducive to productivity. Avoid clutter by making sure you have enough shelving and storage for your needs. A defined workspace will also help create and reinforce firm boundaries between work and home, which is crucial to improving work-life balance when the distinction between them is so blurred.

For multi-person households, reducing noise and distractions will be key. Noise canceling headphones can provide a quick and easy fix, but it might be worthwhile to employ additional soundproofing techniques such as thicker window panes, soundproof carpeting or acoustic paneling. If you need to block out the noise while still being able to keep an eye on what’s going on outside, consider installing a sliding glass door.

Get ready for your closeup

Video conferencing is practically synonymous with working from home, so it’s no longer uncommon to have a dedicated Zoom room in your home. When you’re designing your own space for video calls, the main elements to focus on are the lighting and the background. Make sure you have plenty of lighting to avoid shadows, which can be achieved with lamps, light fixtures, ring lights or any combination of them. To add visual interest for your backdrop, try a gallery wall, bookshelves or even a statement wall.

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