Safe Reception Additions to Protect Against COVID-19

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COVID-19 may have forever changed the way we do business. Even as many people are itching to get back to the old way of life, there’s a much bigger emphasis on health and safety now. Business owners are doing their best to keep their employees, clients and customers safe against COVID-19, as well as any other similar issues that may crop up in the future. Here are some reception area additions to protect against COVID-19 in Woodward, OK:

  • Sneeze guards: Sneeze guards are ubiquitous at this point in the pandemic, and if your office doesn’t have one, you should add one as soon as possible. Since COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets—which can be distributed through talking, sneezing, coughing and more—it’s important to block as much of the droplets as possible. Install a plexiglass barrier between your employees and customers to ensure they’re safe.
  • Easily sanitized furniture: Disinfection is more important than ever, so it’s a good idea to invest in easily sanitized furniture. It’s much harder to clean upholstered, porous furniture on a consistent basis than it is to disinfect plastic, vinyl and other surfaces. In terms of other furniture, consider no-touch options for trash cans, cabinets and more. Even your doors could benefit from automatic opening and closing.
  • Hand sanitizer stations: On a practical, immediate level, hand sanitizer stations remind people that disinfection is important. Look for no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers, and place them in your high-traffic or high-touch areas. Even if you don’t set up a dedicated dispenser, it’s good practice to have it available on desks, tables and other easy-to-access locations.
  • Partitions: Keeping partitions between seating areas is a good idea during COVID-19, but it also offers a valuable sense of privacy in less fraught times. If you have a waiting room, set pairs of chairs apart with dividers. For open-plan offices, use them between desks.
  • Move desks farther apart: Speaking of desks, you probably know that moving them farther apart is a good idea—after all, social distancing is one of the keys to preventing the spread of COVID-19. If you’re in an open-plan office, try to move all desks at least six feet apart, and add partitions for even greater protection.
  • Social distancing stickers: Finally, think about including social distancing stickers (especially on the floor) to help your employees and clientele keep a safe distance. Even when we think we’re at a reasonable distance, we might overestimate our measuring abilities. Plus, using social distance reminders is a good way to alert anyone who has snapped back into old habits from the “before times.”

Reception desk designs post-COVID-19 might be quite a bit different than we’re used to in Woodward, OK, but protecting everyone’s health is important.

If you’re interested in finding office accessories, furniture, supplies and more for your new office configuration, visit Devine’s Office Supplies today. You can also call us for more information on our products. We look forward to helping you keep your space, your people and your guests safe and healthy.

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