Tips for Keeping a Printer from Streaking the Page

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It’s safe to say that every office in the world has had printer problems at one point or another. One of the issues we hear about the most is documents printing with streaks in Woodward, OK. Continue reading to learn more about those streaking lines and how you can prevent them from happening.

Why are there lines on the page?

Most streaks are directly related to something with the print cartridge, which is the heart of every printer. Inside the print cartridge, there’s an imaging drum and the toner that creates the image or text you’re printing. When the print cartridge gets dirty or is neglected, it often prints streaks on pages.

How to prevent lines

The best way to prevent lines is to treat your print cartridges with care when replacing them. Never shake the cartridges prior to placing them in the printer, and try to move them as little as possible while installing them.

If you’re having trouble replacing print cartridges, or if they’re causing streaks regardless of how you replace them, we advise calling a technician to help with all of your cartridge and printer needs.

The best way to fix streaks

Even after treating the print cartridge with care, you might be wondering why your printer still print with streaks on the page in Woodward, OK. If you still have streaks, gently remove the cartridge and check if there’s a line on the imaging drum. If so, that’s the culprit behind the streaks on your page. Replacing the defective cartridge with a new one should solve the problem.

What if that doesn’t work?

If replacing the bad cartridge doesn’t help, there’s a deeper issue with your printer. Instead of troubleshooting it yourself, just call a printer technician. They will be able to diagnose the cause of the streaks and set things straight in no time.

Is it time for a new printer?

Printers aren’t designed to last forever. These are a few of the signs that it’s time to cut your losses and invest in a new one:

  • Increasingly poor performance: Streaks on pages are a common issue, but we also see documents that come out faded or pages that rip during the printing process. These issues usually get worse over time. While calling a technician can help for the time being, it might be a better use of your funds to buy a new printer.
  • Frequent repair calls: Does the printer technician come to your office a few times a month to make repairs? If so, it’s probably time to replace your printer with a new model!
  • It’s getting old: Printers have a lifespan of about three to five years. However, that can be much shorter if they’re mistreated by people in the office. If your printer is getting older, now’s a great time to replace it.

Buy your new printer today!

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