How to Improve the Atmosphere in a Home Office

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If you’re struggling to get work done, it may be time to improve your personal workspace. External stimuli heavily influence our productivity levels, and little factors such as poor lighting can hinder the ability to focus more than you realize. Explore some of these ideas for how to improve the atmosphere of your home office and visit the local office supply store in Woodward, OK so you’ll be ready to tackle the work day.

Declutter your desk and computer

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but decluttering is a time-honored way to improve your personal workspace. Our brains get sensory overload from piles of junk mail, dirty coffee mugs, textbooks and other stuff that inhibits our ability to be productive. When you sit down to work, the only objects that should be on your desk are what you need to complete your to-do list.

Computers need tidying up as well. Don’t waste time digging around for a document or trying to remember where you saved it. Instead, categorize documents and make frequently-used ones the most accessible. To further reduce clutter, close all browser tabs except for the ones you need.

Pot some house plants

A little bit of nature goes a long way in staving off that mid-afternoon slump. Studies have shown that house plants cleanse indoor spaces of ozone gas emitted by electronics and lighting. Plants improve the atmosphere of your home office with better air quality and counterbalance a sterile work environment.

If you’re the worst at taking care of plants, don’t worry! You can find plenty of low-maintenance house plants in Woodward, OK that are hard to kill. Some favorites include cacti and succulents, because they need very little water and can be left alone for a long time.

Let in the natural light

If you’re looking for ways to improve your personal workspace, look towards the light. Sunshine is an effective mood booster because it elevates our serotonin levels. Just like everything else mentioned in this article, natural light improves productivity and is essential in every home office.

Those working from home should choose a room with plenty of natural light. Consider placing your desk in front of a window, especially one that offers some nice scenery. Windows provide some much-needed reprieve from florescent lighting and bring nature into your work space for free.

Incorporate a splash of color

While picking colors for your home office, go with the ones that promote concentration. Plain white walls do nothing to encourage creativity, but going overboard on the colors will overwhelm you. Choose a happy medium with décor that offers intrigue without distracting your attention from your work.

In order to improve the atmosphere of your home office, you’ll also need a desk fully stocked with all the necessary tools. Nothing interrupts the flow of the work day more than scrambling to find a sharpened pencil or hole punch. Devine’s Office Supplies proudly helps residents of Woodward, OK bring their dream work space to life. From pens to printers, you can find it all here!

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