Four Tips on Choosing the Right Headphones

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Gone are the days when there was one type of headphones, and if you needed them, you’d better like them as they are! Now, there are so many options that many people feel overwhelmed when considering how to pick the right pair of headphones in Woodward, OK. While many factors rest on personal comfort, there are other elements to consider as well. Here are four headphone selection tips to help you when you need new headphones for any purpose:

  • Consider the “why”: Why do you need new headphones? What is their purpose? Headphones used for music while you complete your morning run are completely different from those you use for taking transcription. The first use requires something light and sweatproof that does not fall off your ears while you are being active. However, transcription headphones need to fit well for long periods of time, and you may wish for noise cancellation. The same is true for headphones you plan to use primarily for your phone. The purpose narrows down the options you seek for headphones and what will work best for that function.
  • Discover your fit preference: This is entirely personal. Many people like the non-intrusive style of earbuds. Others like how over-the-ear headphones isolate them from the rest of the world. You may also like the “happy medium” of on-ear headphones, but hate the way they place pressure on your ears. Those who enjoy wearing earrings often find over-the-ear and on-ear styles painful and prefer earbuds. Everyone has a favorite headphone style, so try out many kinds before making a decision. Other features, like noise canceling, are available in most styles so you can find the right combination.
  • Assess your work environment: Bluetooth technology works better than it did when it was first released. While early wireless headphones produced staticky sound, today’s versions work much better. However, wired headphones still sound better in many cases, and may be necessary for detailed tasks like transactions. But those who must move around and answer phones while accessing records may do better with wireless, even if they miss a few words. If being tethered to a device is just too much, you may wish to choose a wireless brand.
  • Review workplace requirements: Those of us in introverted positions which involve long periods of concentration benefit from noise-canceling headphones—as long as our employers allow them. If you work for an employer who understands your need to shut out the world, noise cancellation is a benefit, and you will also enjoy it if you take public transportation or have a long flight in the future. However, if your workplace requires that you be available to answer the telephone or interact with coworkers, noise cancellation is likely a bad idea. Check employee requirements before you buy so you do not inadvertently violate company policy.

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