Why Your Ink Pens Stop Working

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We’ve all gone to jot down a note, only to find that our pen has stopped working—even when there’s clearly ink left in the barrel. Whether it’s your favorite pen or simply the only one handy, this is an annoying experience. Is there anything you can do when your ballpoint or fountain pens stop working or dry up in Woodward, OK?

Ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens can stop working for a number of reasons, from being poor quality to jamming, gumming up or drying out before their time. The main problem is from poor storage—if the ink is exposed to air, it will get even thicker and the pen can’t write properly. Alternatively, when air gets into the cartridge, it can thicken and clog the ball in the nib. To avoid this, always make sure the pen is capped or retracted. You may also want to store the pens with the nibs down.

Need to fix your ballpoint pen in a hurry? There are a few tried and true methods:

  1. Use heat: You can either carefully hold a flame to the nib, which should melt any ink clogging the tip, or dip the nib in boiling water to accomplish the same goal. As always, use caution around open flames and boiling liquids.
  2. Rubber, emery boards and fabric: Friction is another way to get clogged pens to start flowing freely. Writing on rubber (like the bottom of a tennis shoe) offers just enough friction to loosen any clogs and get the ball rolling, as it were. If you don’t have any rubber available, fabric and emery boards also work. Just remember that ballpoint ink is difficult to remove from clothing, so use your best judgment.
  3. Tap it: Finally, tapping the nib on paper is sometimes enough to dislodge any dried ink that has clogged the nib.

Fountain pens

Dry fountain pens often just need ink refills in Woodward, OK, but if the cartridge is full, there’s a different problem. Remember to always purchase the right kind of cartridge and nib for your pens. The smaller your nib, the less ink there is to lubricate your writing, so it can come out looking scratchy—try wider nibs to fix that issue.

There are a few ways to troubleshoot your fountain pen:

  1. Prime your pen: Unscrew the cartridge and squeeze it a bit to force ink into the nib.
  2. Try a different paper: Some pens write on certain types of paper better than others, so see if the problem is solved by writing on different types.
  3. Try different ink: Some ink has particles that clog the nib while you’re writing. If you think it might be an ink issue, opt for a self-lubricating fountain pen ink.
  4. Flush the pen: Finally, flushing the feed with warm water can dislodge any dried ink particles that interfere with your writing.

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