What Are the Most Popular Scents from Yankee Candle?

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There are so many instances in our lives when we have to find a nice gift to give. From your promoted coworker to your graduating niece, there’s always a reason to pick out a present that shows you care. Many people come to Devine’s Office Supplies for our wide selection of fun décor and accessories, as well as our large inventory of Yankee Candle products. A lot of times, people shopping for gifts are curious to know which Yankee Candle scents are the most popular in Woodward, OK.

Why buy Yankee Candles?

There is no shortage of companies manufacturing scented candles and related aromatherapy products across the country and around the world. While cheaper items seem to be the more sensible purchase, Yankee Candle’s products are worth the cost.

Founded over fifty years ago, people love Yankee Candle, and for good reasons. These candles burn evenly. That means it actually costs less to burn these candles as opposed to those sold by Yankee Candle’s competitors.

They are also made from all-natural ingredients without using animal byproducts such as beeswax, which means they are suitable gifts for vegans. Additionally, they don’t test their products on animals.

Everyone can use a scented candle or two in their lives, which is why people are always curious about the most popular Yankee Candle scents in Woodward, OK.

The top 10 scents from Yankee Candle

One of the best things about Yankee Candle is that there is no end to the scents available. Whatever the season or occasion, there’s a special scent from Yankee Candle to capture the mood:

  • Balsam & Cedar: Combines forest scents with notes of citrus, berries, vanilla and musk.
  • Autumn Wreath: All your favorite fall scents in one candle! Cinnamon, apple, nutmeg and clove come together to create the cozy autumnal aroma.
  • Autumn Leaves: People love autumn! This scent embraces the outdoor scents of fall including birch, pine and maple.
  • Lilac Blossoms: A bouquet of lilac, lavender, waterlily and bergamot that calms and cleanses the space.
  • Christmas Cookie: Even when it’s not December, this deliciously-baked smell brings a little holiday joy to people year-round.
  • Clean Cotton: Get the fresh scent of laundry straight out of the dryer without the hassle of sorting through your dirty clothes.
  • Hazelnut Coffee: Rich and energizing, the mocha and hazelnut tones are almost enough to get you up and going each morning.
  • Pink Sands: You don’t need a plane ticket to an exotic locale to relax and unwind. This candle combines sweet and spicy scents for the ultimate getaway from the comfort of your home.
  • Strawberry Lemon Ice: A favorite during the summer, we have to remind customers that this is a candle and not a sweet treat you keep in the freezer or mix up in your blender.
  • Sage & Citrus: One of the most beloved Yankee Candle scents of all time, this candle combines earth and herbal smells with citrus to create a refreshing fragrance you’ll burn every month of the year.

If you are shopping for some of the most popular Yankee Candle scents in Woodward, OK, visit Devine’s Office Supplies. We stock a large inventory of Yankee Candle products. Contact us today if you have a question about our selection!

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