Tips to Avoid Paper Jams

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Paper jams always seem to happen at the least convenient time, but you don’t have to deal with that frustration and annoyance. With a little extra care, you can avoid wasted paper and time—it all comes down to keeping up with preventative maintenance.

Generally, all paper is not created equal, and it’s usually the reason for your paper jams. The type, weight, size and moisture content of your paper all contribute to how well it can feed through your printer or copier. Here’s how to avoid paper jams in Woodward, OK:

  • Use your oldest paper first: As your paper is exposed to air, it absorbs moisture. Use the oldest paper first to prevent it from getting too bogged down. Also, never mix and match your paper, as that can cause your printer to misfeed as it switches between types.
  • Use the right kind of paper: If your copier and printer have specific guidelines for the type of paper to use, pay attention to them—certain paper is harder for automatic feeders to grip properly. This can lead to using too many sheets of paper at once, eventually leading to a jam.
  • Store paper in a cool, dry place: Since paper absorbs moisture as soon as the ream is opened, make sure to store it in a cool dry place—and buy only what you’ll use in a given period. Try not to buy so much paper that you’re stocked up for a year.
  • Loosen the paper before loading: When paper sticks together, it results in a jam. Loosen the ream of paper by gently flipping through the ends before loading in the tray.
  • Don’t overload your paper tray: Overloaded paper trays are the biggest cause of paper jams. Keep the paper just under capacity—there’s usually a mark on the loading tray—for best results.
  • Wait until the tray is empty: Never refill paper trays before they’re empty, since you’ll run into mix-and-match problems—even if it’s the same type of paper—due to moisture and exposure. Wait until the tray is completely empty before removing and refilling. Also, avoid removing the paper trays during a print job.
  • Rotate and maintain your toner: Your ink cartridges can also cause problems, so make sure you refill or replace them regularly, and rotate them if you haven’t used your printer or copier in a while.
  • Maintain your printer regularly: Finally, like all pieces of electronic and mechanical equipment, printers and copiers need to be maintained properly. There are many resources online to help you keep up with printer and copier maintenance and avoid paper jams in Woodward, OK. For major issues, call your printer service technician. Setting up regular service appointments will help keep your printer operating in great condition, avoiding those annoying paper jams.

Keeping these tips in mind will save you time, money and frustration spent dealing with paper jams. For copiers, printers and other quality office equipment, visit Devine’s Office Supplies today, or contact us to schedule an appointment for commercial copier repair.

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