Things That Should Never Go Through the Paper Shredder

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Paper shredders can be such a helpful piece of equipment to have on hand at home or at work. With a paper shredder, it’s so much easier to keep confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands. When you purchase any type of paper shredder, it is extremely important to review the shredder usage guide in Woodward, OK to ensure you aren’t going to damage your machine.

Can you shred it?

When someone calls us about a jamming paper shredder in Woodward, OK, our first question is about the last items put through the device. This usually explains the issue. To avoid the hassle of a jammed or broken shredder, be mindful of what you are attempting to destroy:

  • CDs and DVDs: Many professionals store private data on CDs or DVDs. When these are no longer needed, you have to safely dispose of them. If your paper shredder is equipped with a separate slot dedicated for CDs and DVDs, then you are good to go. Before you use this feature, review the shredder usage guide in Woodward, OK.
  • Paper with metal attachments: Many documents use paper clips or staples to keep certain sheets together. If you’re shredding quite a few documents, you’re going to spend a lot of time removing staples and clips if you don’t have a machine equipped to handle these attachments. Some shredders are built to process staples and clips, but others are not, so check the usage guide beforehand.
  • Cardboard: It’s basically made of thicker paper, so it would seem like you could put pieces of cardboard through a paper shredder. However, that is not the case. Do not try to break down cardboard with your standard paper shredder.
  • Plastic: Many different office supplies such as folders and protective sheets are made from plastic. Trying to put these materials through your machine will likely result in jamming your paper shredder in Woodward, OK. Plastic may damage the cutting blades, rendering your shredder useless. Also, shredded paper can be recycled, but not if it contains shredded plastic mixed in with it.
  • Too much paper: Every shredder has a maximum sheet capacity. Do not try to shred more paper in one go then you are supposed to unless you want to end up with a jammed or broken machine.
  • Credit cards: Destroying old credit cards is vital to keeping your financial information secure. However, most cards are either made from plastic, metal or a mix of both materials. To properly dispose of credit cards without putting your shredder in jeopardy, run a strong magnet over the strip, break the chip with a hammer or scissors, and cut up the card itself.

If you are experiencing recurring issues with a jamming paper shredder in Woodward, OK, it might be time to invest in a newer, more effective model. Let the knowledgeable staff at Devine’s Office Supplies help you find the right shredder to meet your needs, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Visit our store or get in touch with us now.

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