Different Uses for Different Types of Bankers Boxes

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Everyone has a need for organizational solutions. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, there is no lack of storage options for everything from documents to cherished possessions. For over a century, individuals, families and businesses have trusted banker boxes in Woodward, OK to provide them with the ease, security and accessibility they need.

It started in an elevator

Even if you aren’t a bankers box supplier in Woodward, OK, you will still find the story behind this well-known box fascinating. In 1917, Walter Nickel was called to serve in the United States military during World War I. Prior to leaving for duty, he had to sell his cardboard box business.

Fortunately, he met entrepreneur Harry Fellowes in an elevator one day. Fellowes was intrigued by Nickel’s company. More than ever before, banks were needing document storage solutions, especially since the 16th Amendment had recently passed and people were required to file their income taxes. At the end of the elevator ride, Fellowes purchased the company from Nickel for $50, and the Bankers Box Company was formed.

Boxes for any purpose

More than 100 years later, the Bankers Boxes brand is synonymous with quality. However, this company has remained viable for so many years because they’ve diversified. Yes, they still offer the standard cardboard bankers boxes that we all know, but their product line has grown considerably over time to meet the needs of families and professionals:

  • Record storage: Available in both cardboard and plastic varieties, the most common use for banker boxes in Woodward, OK is for record storage. Banker box varieties come in different sizes with options such as handles, stacking capabilities, smaller compartments and so on. It doesn’t matter who you are—you have records you have to keep in your possession. Tax documents, birth certificates, deeds and many other records need a safe place to live in your home or office.
  • Moving: As a bankers box supplier in Woodward, OK, we are certain that these are the best cardboard containers for your residential or commercial move. Easy to assemble, durable and recyclable, choose these and avoid risking losing anything during your next move. Plus, using these bankers boxes means you don’t need a single piece of packing tape, which helps keep your costs down and saves time on packing.
  • Specialty purposes: Bankers boxes are ideal for workplaces beyond accounting offices and banks. With specialty products designed for professionals in the medical, education and waste management fields, this brand offers a number of solutions that will have you thinking outside of the box.
  • Decorative options: If you are using bankers boxes to organize your home, you likely don’t want a room stacked full of dull cardboard or bland plastic. Luckily, there are more stylish products available that look attractive in any home or office.

If you are in the market for banker boxes in Woodward, OK, stop by Devine’s Office Supplies. Since 1939, we have provided families and businesses in the community with the essential equipment they need to get any job done. Contact us now if you have any questions about the bankers boxes we currently have in stock.

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