Using Google Cloud Print on Canon Printers

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Being able to print documents from your phone, tablet and PC or Mac is incredibly useful, especially when you’re constantly on the go or using multiple devices. Google Cloud Print is a handy tool to make this possible, especially when paired with Canon printers.

Canon offers 34 different printers that will work with the Google Cloud Print app, making it easy to wirelessly print documents no matter which device you’re using. Here’s an overview of Google Cloud Print and how to set up your Canon printer in Woodward, OK.

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print allows you to connect your printer to your existing or new Google account, then start printing from any web-connected device. That includes phones, Chromebooks, PCs, Macs and tablets across all operating systems. You can also use Google Cloud Print to print from Gmail, Chrome, Google Docs and Sheets and other apps.

Google Cloud Print allows you to share and manage multiple printers and print from anywhere, anytime. This tool can complement or replace your existing printing infrastructure—the documents are deleted from the Google servers as soon as the print job is done, and you can share your printer with anyone you trust.

How to use Google Cloud Print on Canon printers

Many Canon printers come equipped with Google Cloud Print capabilities. For easy and straightforward Google Cloud Print setup in Woodward, OK for your Canon printer, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Google Cloud Print app on your device: This will allow you to wirelessly connect to your printer.
  2. Go to the setup list on the printer menu: From there, select the “Google Cloud Print” setup option.
  3. Register with Google Cloud Print: Next, select “register” and choose your preferred language.
  4. Authentication process: Make sure there’s paper in your printer. A dialog box should appear that will guide you through the authentication process. Tap “OK” to continue, and wait for your printer to give you a URL and QR code.
  5. Follow the printed instructions: Next, you’ll need to visit the printed URL on your device. Follow the instructions on the website to finish the authentication process.
  6. Complete the registration: Once your registration process is finished, you’ll see a dialog box on your printer that has your Google account email, the printer name and an “OK” button. Hit “OK” to finish the registration and authentication process.

That’s all you have to do to enable your printer and devices for Google Cloud Print. Now you can enjoy the convenience of being able to print from multiple devices anywhere in the world.

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