How to Successfully Work from Home

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Thanks to COVID-19, many people across the world are getting a crash course in working from home. If you’ve spent most of your adult years working in a traditional office setting, this can be utterly disconcerting—all of a sudden there’s no reason to wear your work wardrobe, you have to figure out what to do with the kids while they want nothing more to be out with their friends and somehow manage to be productive while you’re navigating other home-based concerns.

Here’s the good news: millions of people have made working from home work for them. Even if you come out of the experience raring to get back to the office, there are some tips and tricks for working from home in Woodward, OK that will keep you happy and productive. Who knows? You might end up being one of the people who loves holding conference calls in sweatpants and your ancient college t-shirt.

Setting up your workspace

Delineating the space between “work” and “home” is a psychological tool that can help you create a sense of order and normalcy. Find a physical space (it doesn’t matter if it’s a desk, the kitchen table or standing up at the counter) and let your roommates or family know that when you’re sitting there, you’re “at the office” and shouldn’t be bothered.

Next, make sure that workspace is actually comfortable—if you’re going to sit there for hours on end, you need to give some thought to ergonomics. Generally, your monitor should be at eye level and your desk at arm’s length to avoid putting strain on your neck and shoulders. Books, boxes and other large, heavy objects are all great for propping your monitor up. If all you have is a laptop, consider getting external wireless keyboards and a mouse.

Having a great office chair is important, too—you need something that will be comfortable and supportive. It’s worth the investment to find a seating option that works for you, given that you could be sitting there for months.

Finally, it’s time to give some thought to your computer. If you’re not working from a work-issued device, make sure you have something that can run all the important software—otherwise, it’s time to negotiate with your workplace.

If you can’t take the office computer home with you, look into remote tools that let you log into work computers straight from home. Google, Microsoft and other companies offer user-friendly versions of this productivity software that can help you access what you need on demand.

Working from home is an adjustment, but with a little time and thought, you can meet your needs—all while you’re wearing sweatpants.

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