How to Solve Windows 10 Internet Connectivity Issues

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Since many of us are working from home these days, having a steady internet connection is more important than ever. Some Windows 10 users noted that they were having internet issues in Woodward, OK—for some reason, they couldn’t stay connected to the internet, especially when using a VPN or proxy. In some cases, the computer or programs say there’s no connection to the internet even when there is, while others are experiencing actual disruptions.

This is especially serious for people who need to use VPNs to access sensitive material at work—they need the protection of the proxy, but can’t get online. What should you do if you’ve noticed a problem? Read on for some more information and tips.

Windows 10 internet bug

The Windows glitch came from a recent Windows 10 cumulative update, and made it hard for certain apps like Office 365 to get online, which renders them useless for work purposes. Initially, Microsoft promised a fix in April, but thanks to the increased need for people to work from home, they rolled out the patch in late March.

If you haven’t been experiencing these issues, you don’t need to install the fix—in fact, that could create issues where they hadn’t existed before.

Installing the new update

If you need to install the update, it won’t be one of the automatic versions that download through Windows Update. Instead, go to the Microsoft Update catalog and download the fix—you’ll need to know whether your computer is running on the May 2019 (1903) or November 2019 version (1909). Unless you’re one of the very few people running 32-bit Windows 10, download the 64-bit version.

If you’re not sure what type of Windows or CPU you’re using, go to Start, then Settings, then System and finally, About. This will tell you what software you’re running as well as your CPU type and whether you’re using 32- or 64-bit software.

Of course, if you’re running an earlier version of Windows 10 (April or October 2018), you’ll need to install the cumulative update that brings your OS up to date, then install the internet connectivity patch if you notice any issues.

Again, it’s important that you only install the patch if you are experiencing internet connectivity problems. For those who are able to get on the internet just fine, it’s best to leave it alone unless or until you notice any issues. While it’s always a smart practice to keep your computer up to date with the automatic updates for security reasons, there’s no need to install additional updates for problems you don’t have.

Solve Windows 10 internet issues in Woodward, OK

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