Common Problems with Office Copiers

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A copier is one of the most important items in any office setting, but that doesn’t always mean it gets the love and respect it deserves. Impatient employees, clumsy paper loading and improper ink supply are just some of the ways that a printer can take a hit. Regular maintenance and a good awareness of some common challenges and problems can be your best friends and your first line of defense against misbehaving office copiers.

Copier troubleshooting in Woodward, OK is one of our specialties, and Devine’s Office Supplies is happy to share some of our best tips below about what to look out for and how to prepare yourself for any problems with office copiers.

Too much of a good thing

If your team or company is printing and copying a lot of things, that can be a great sign. A lot of invoices can be a good thing, as can a lot of work orders. A busy copier means a busy office, which is music to the ears of most business owners. However, an increased load on a copier can increase the likelihood of problems coming down the line. You might have too few copiers for your workforce—if a machine gets overworked, it becomes much more likely to make mistakes and cause issues with its output. You might need to consider a solution as simple as getting more copiers to help your machines manage your output. A lot of office copier problems in Woodward, OK can be traced to this simple capacity issue, so keep that in mind.

Shortages of supplies

A challenge that we also see requiring copier troubleshooting in Woodward, OK is improper or incorrect supplies. If you’re not using the right ink or paper for your model of copier, you can be creating a lot of issues for yourself as the machine struggles to function properly. You have a great partner in Devine’s Office Supplies that can help you navigate these waters, but you’ll also want to do your own homework and read your manuals. Those are the best sources of information on what you need to make your copier function properly, so keep them close at hand and consult them frequently.

Paper jams

The bane of most office workers is the copier paper jam. They are actually quite preventable if proper care is taken. The wrong paper size can lead to this issue, so that’s a quick tip for copier troubleshooting in Woodward, OK: just use the right paper size at all times. Additionally, loading the copier incorrectly with paper can cause issues. Make sure your entire team is well-versed in what it takes to properly load the copier and treat it with care.

When you’re taking care of a copier, you need to make sure you’ve done the proper homework. You want to train your people on how the copier needs to be cared for, and you also want to make sure you’re using the right supplies at all times to prevent any complications.

For more information and tips, reach out to the team at Devine’s Office Supplies today!

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