Key Office Supplies to Help You Make Your Business More Productive

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Every office is going to differ slightly with regards to the office products it uses most frequently, but there are certain supplies that just about every office space will find useful. It’s easy for your employees to take office supplies for granted, but when they run out or become unavailable, it can throw a wrench in everyone’s productivity.

Here are just a few examples of some key office supplies in Woodward, OK you should constantly keep in stock in your office:

  • Printer paper: This is perhaps the most obvious supply you’ll need to keep on hand at all times. While we’re living in an increasingly paperless world, office spaces still rely heavily on their printers and copiers and must stay stocked with paper as a result. You can find eco-friendly paper to reduce the environmental impact of paper reliance. Just make sure you have a multipurpose paper for the best performance.
  • Notebooks or notepads: Meetings are a part of everyday life in office settings, and it’s important your staff has all the tools they need to take notes during these meetings. It makes sense to keep a stash of notebooks or notepads so people are always prepared for meetings in your office.
  • Sticky notes: Sticky notes, like Post-Its, are extremely useful in an office setting. They make for great reminders of tasks, or to share quick messages in common spaces. Many people rely on sticky notes to keep track of their own personal workflow. Providing these items to your employees can be of great benefit to them.
  • Writing tools: Pens and pencils will always be useful in an office environment. Here again, there are plenty of options for sustainable writing utensils that will help you cut down your environmental impact. Many businesses get customized pens and pencils with their company name and logo on them. Not only do these make for great giveaways to employees, but they can also be a good take-home item for customers and clients to remind them of your company every time they use them.
  • Index cards: You can use 5” x 7” index cards for a wide variety of purposes. Many people use them in Rolodexes (yes, even in 2020), but they also make for simple note-taking for presentations or for keeping to-do lists on an everyday basis. It’s a good idea for offices to stay fully stocked up on index cards at all times.
  • Paper binders: Paper clips, staples and tape will all get a lot of use in your office. You know you’re going to be using these binders on a regular basis, so it makes sense to load up on replacement staple cartridges, paper clips and tape. These items are inexpensive as it is, and in bulk they’re likely to be even cheaper. Getting caught without them will be a big inconvenience.

These are just a few types of office supplies in Woodward, OK that should be a staple of every office space. Contact the team at Devine’s Office Supplies for more information.

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