Preventing Copier Maintenance

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When your copier fails, business halts—it’s one of those necessary pieces of technology that your office can’t live without. Have you been experiencing a lot of copier downtime lately? Are you thinking of the baseball bat scene from the movie Office Space more often than is enjoyable or healthy? Devine’s Office Supplies wants you to be free of your copier woes, so here are our best tips and tricks for preventing copier maintenance in Woodward, OK. Of course, if you’re still not having any luck, we offer copier maintenance, repair and sales so that you never have to go without this critical piece of office equipment:

  • Turn it off and turn it back on again: It’s the oldest trick in the book, but restarting your copier can help reset some issues. You should also consider turning it off at night and over the weekend. Not only will it reset your machine, but you’ll save money on the electric bills.
  • Clean it up: If you’ve been noticing streaks, dots or blobs on your copied documents, the first step is to clean the glass. If you’ve used ink that smudges, liquid paper or anything else that will leave a lasting impression on your copier glass, those smudges and dirt will show up on your copied documents. Give the glass a quick clean with Windex (spray your cloth, not the glass itself)—and don’t forget about the document feeder, which can accumulate dust and debris, too.
  • Like you, it needs a warmup: You’re not going to go for your daily run without stretching, so why would you turn your copier on and expect it to be ready to go right off the bat? Often, after a copier has been turned off overnight or over the weekend, it needs to go through some calibration procedures before it’s ready to start the day. Think of it as your copier having its coffee—and try not to hit the “print” button repeatedly while you’re waiting.
  • Make sure the paper is loaded correctly: If you keep experiencing copier jams, that could be due to two things—either you’re using low-quality paper that creates dust, or you’re loading the paper incorrectly. Don’t just shove the paper in there. Instead, load half a ream of high-quality paper, ensuring that no sheets are stuck together.
  • Check the waste toner: If you’re getting error messages that say your waste toner reservoir is full or nearing capacity, don’t ignore it—empty it.
  • Know when to call the pros: If these tips didn’t help, you can ensure a better copier experience by calling a professional copier maintenance and repair service.

Preventing copier maintenance in Woodward, OK

Need the tools to make sure you never have to call for copier maintenance? Devine’s Office Supplies is happy to provide you with the highest quality office supplies, as well as copier sales, maintenance and repair in Woodward, OK. We travel up to 60 miles to provide maintenance and repair services. You’ll never suffer too much downtime when you work with us.

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