Tips to Increase Office Productivity and Morale

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Any business owner wants their workers to be productive—and happy employees are productive ones. As technology changes the way we do business, why do so many businesses stick with the same organization and structures that existed before? Here are a few of our best office productivity tips in Woodward, OK to keep your employees healthy, happy and focused:

  • Turn down the volume: When you’re trying to provide a pleasant environment but still allow your employees to do their work, finding that quiet zone can be hard. Turn down the background music to allow your employees the ability to focus.
  • The nose knows: The sense of smell is not given enough credit for the power it has over a person’s focus and productivity. Lemon, jasmine and lavender have all proven to positively impact the psyche of the individual. Utilize this aspect of your office atmosphere to enhance the overall mood of your staff, keeping in mind that some employees may have sensitivities or allergies.
  • Keep the temperature comfortable: It’s hard to focus when you’re shivering or sweating. The ideal temperature for the “typical” office is around 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Helsinki University of Technology Laboratory for Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning. More importantly, ask your workers if they’re comfortable.
  • Natural light: Did you know that if you’re not exposed to natural light each day, you could be losing up to 46 minutes of sleep each night? Who can afford that? As an office manager or business owner, consider keeping window shades open to let in natural light, or investing in daylight lamps that will allow everyone’s circadian rhythms to stay on track. Another way to do this is to encourage taking breaks outdoors, if weather and time constraints allow it.
  • Consider ergonomics: Even though many consider office jobs to be “easy,” repetitive tasks like typing and mouse-clicking can still strain the body. Having ergonomic office furniture and keyboards and an efficient organization system in place will help you and your employees stay healthy and happy.
  • Color: Your use of color will set the tone in the office. Many businesses opt for non-offensive neutral palettes, but bright pops of color can boost creativity (yellow), elevate the pulse (red), calm and balance (green) or stimulate thought (blue). Depending on your office and what you’re hoping your employees will achieve, a judicious use of color can increase their productivity significantly.

Boost your office productivity

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