How to Prepare for Your Midwinter Office Cleaning

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As we get ready for the winter holidays, many businesses are preparing to close operations for weeks or even up to a month. The doors and windows will be kept closed and traffic will be drastically reduced. That makes it the perfect time for a midwinter deep office cleaning, and to help, we’ve put together a handy office cleaning supply checklist in Woodward, OK so all you have to do is stop by Devine’s Office Supplies to pick up what you need!

What to tackle

Ideally, you and your workers are keeping your desks relatively tidy—no food, drinks or other debris that can cause odors or attract pests. Here’s a list of the deeper cleaning that you can do to make sure your office looks better than ever:

  • Deep clean and disinfect: Your phone, keyboard, computer mouse and mouse pad are some of the dirtiest parts of your desk. How often do you put your phone up to your face? Dirt and oil from your skin can collect on the receiver and transfer to your face. If you can’t disinfect these areas weekly, at least aim for monthly. Q-tips, canned air, microfiber cloths and mild cleaners are great for these areas.
  • Clean your screen: The winter season is cold and flu season, and every time you cough or sneeze, your screen is probably collecting germs. Fight illness (and gross residue) by giving your computer screen a wipe. Make sure to use a cleaner that won’t destroy or damage your screen.
  • Clean your organizers and personal items: Your inbox, pencil holders and knick-knacks collect a lot of dust and germs. Give these all a wipe-down and make sure that any dust and grime are gone.
  • Cords and power strips: When was the last time you gave your cords and power strips a wipe-down? We usually don’t think of these as the dusty minefields that they are, but they do tend to collect a lot of debris.
  • Think about your organizational system: Winter break is the perfect time to look at the way your office is organized and decide whether the system is working or can be improved. Since no one is around to disrupt your reorganization project, you’ll be able to redo everything (and clean the area) from the ground up. By the time employees are back in the office, you’ll be clean, organized and ready to go.

Your office supply cleaning checklist

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need, which can conveniently be found at Devine’s Office Supplies:

  • Dust wipes
  • Dust remover spray (commonly referred to canned air)
  • A DeoxIT kit (Contact cleaners, battery cleaner/rejuvenators, instrument oil pens)
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Surge protectors and upgraded power strips
  • Organizational systems, including pen/pencil holders or cups, loose paper filing systems and more
  • Filing cabinets
  • Screen wipes (we carry specially formulated cleaners that won’t damage the protective coating on your screen)

Pick up your office cleaning supplies from this checklist in Woodward, OK

Help get your office cleaned and organized with Devine’s Office Supplies. We can help you pick up everything you need on your office cleaning checklist.

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