Picking the Perfect Small Office Shredder

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Small business owners who manage a team in a physical office setting know the importance of using quality office equipment. In addition to computers and printers, certain other pieces of equipment—like paper shedders—are very necessary to ensure the privacy and security of your clients and employees. Although it seems simple enough to choose a paper shredder, there are factors to consider, including your business budget, the types of documents your office handles and the amount of paper shedding done on a regular basis.

There are several different types of shredders with different features. A certain machine that works well for one business may not be right for yours. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect small office shredder in Woodward, OK.

Paper size

Take stock of the size of the papers you will be shredding on a regular basis. This simple assessment of paper size may show you only need a small shredder, or that you could use a larger, more heavy-duty machine.

Letter-sized sheets of paper are found in just about every office in the country. Printed on them is anything from office itineraries to private information, all of which should be disposed of properly. Then there are businesses that handle awkward-sized sheets of paper. It’s not unusual for tax documents, pay slips and case notes to come printed on extra-wide or long sheets, which can be folded in half before sending through the shredder. However, it would be quicker and more efficient to shred small stacks rather than one sheet at a time.

Load size

Being able to shred more than one or two sheets of paper in one go will save your company time. If all you’re shredding are a few papers at a time or not many sheets in a month, then a basic, narrow shredder will do. Shredding anything more than just a few sheets calls for a paper shredding machine that can handle midsized loads.

Keep the following rules in mind when choosing a new paper shredder: personal shredders are best for individuals, small shredders are good for small teams of less than five, general office shredders are ideal for teams of up to 10 and commercial shredders benefit offices with more than 10 employees.


If you want to save time and effort, then the slice-and-dice speed of small office paper shredders matters. Many modern paper shredders have a feature that allows specific runtimes, meaning they continue operating until the timer ends. Then, they will enter a cool-down period as a method of self-maintenance. Shredding cycles range from two minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size, make and model of the machine.

Cut type

When selecting a new paper shredder, get one that gives you the types of cuts you need. For instance, simple machines may only slice documents into straight vertical lines, while others do cross cuts that basically chop the strips into smaller chunks. Or, choose one that makes micro cuts to ensure maximum security.

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