Fall Fragrances Are Here! Take in the Seasonal Scents of Yankee Candle Products

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Are you ready to take in the seasonal scents of Yankee Candles? We hope so, because all your favorite fall fragrances are back, and just in time for the holidays! Invoke the feelings of the fall season with candles featuring fragrances like Dried Lavender & Oak, Honeycrisp Apple Cider, Spiced Pumpkin, Apple Pumpkin and even the Farmer’s Market. All these candle fragrances and other popular scents are waiting for you on the shelves at Devine’s Office Supplies—we’re an authorized dealer of Yankee Candle products!

How much do you know about scents and how they can affect a person’s mood? Let’s take look.

Scents and mood

Each new season brings a variety of distinctive scents, both natural and manmade. The smells of fresh-cut grass and the ocean breeze are often associated with summer, while fall conjures thoughts of dried leaves, apple cinnamon and pine for many people. Here’s an interesting fact: your sense of smell peaks in the spring and summer due to extra moisture in the air.

When it comes to smells and spaces, the lingering scent can actually affect your mood. If the smell is pleasant, you’re more likely to be in a good mood. On the other hand, being in a space filled with an unpleasant smell can put you in a bad mood. This happens because smell is the most sensitive of all the senses—in fact, it’s the first sense to develop in early childhood.

Scents can relax

Some studies found that certain aromas were able to affect a person’s mood by causing a muscle-relaxing effect. That might be why, during the fall months, you notice that a warm apple cider-scented candle makes you happy and relaxed. Inhalation of the scent gets you closer to a state of relaxation. Interestingly enough, other studies have shown that specific scents have the ability to reduce stress in individuals, regardless of age, gender or daily stress level. With this in mind, be sure to stock up on candles in your favorite relaxing scents so you’ll always have them on hand.

Fragrances for the office

Retail stores and other businesses use pleasant aromas to relax their customers or clients. After all, it doesn’t do the business any good if their customers are feeling stressed and tense walking up and down the aisles.

If scenting systems work for stores, they can work in office settings, too. Why not enhance your office space with Yankee Candle fragrances? It doesn’t take a genius to know that less stressed employees produce better work, are more productive and look forward to coming to work every day. This fall, place seasonal scented candles around the office for all to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a top Yankee Candle dealer in Woodward, OK, look no further than Devine’s Office Supplies. We have in stock the latest line of seasonal candle scents for homes and small offices. Call or visit us today to stock up on your favorite Yankee Candle products. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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