Must-Have Supplies While School Is in Session

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Did you know September is filled with important occasions for learning and educational awareness? September 6 was National Read a Book Day. September 8 was International Literacy Day. September 18 was National School Backpack Awareness Day. As we celebrate these days, and kids get back into the swing of school, there are certain must-have school supplies in Woodward, OK that should be on your shopping list.

Don’t miss the following items, which you can find at your local source of office supplies in Woodward, OK. Be sure to stock up on these and keep a good supply throughout the school year.

Home organization

Kids have a locker and a desk at school, but do you have a good system at home to keep all their stuff organized? Consider investing in a cubby where your child can store his or her school supplies, backpack, coat, lunch box and anything else school-related. A variety of stylish “home locker” storage units are available in different colors to match any room.

Personalized supplies

You invest in crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors and more. Then what? Do those supplies disappear in the vacuum of the classroom? To keep your child’s supplies neatly and safely stored, purchase a personalized pencil box. Your child will enjoy keeping their supplies in a colorful box that features their name, favorite color or favorite super hero.

Easy lock

Fumbling with a combination between classes is never fun. Make things easier with a fingerprint padlock. With a simple touch, your child can access their stuff, but no one else can. It’s a great high-tech but low-stress option for school supplies in Woodward, OK.


Even in our digital age, kids still need some office supplies in Woodward, OK that allow them to take notes with pen and paper. Stock up on a good supply of notebooks, planners and folders to keep paperwork organized this school year.

Lunch supplies

Let’s not forget one of the most important school subjects: lunch! Stock up on lunch supplies to keep on hand throughout the school year. Choose eco-friendly options such as reusable sandwich bags to eliminate waste and teach children environmental responsibility.

Water bottles

It’s important to keep kids hydrated throughout the day. This means drinking water more than just at lunch time. A fun and convenient water bottle is the perfect solution. Choose something durable and lightweight that your child can take to or keep at school for quick and easy access to water throughout the day.


With National School Backpack Awareness Day this month, we must remember to choose the right backpack for students and ensure they wear them properly. Improper use can lead to back injuries and pain that negatively impact learning.

Stock up

For quality school supplies in Woodward, OK, come to Devine’s Office Supplies. We have all you need to keep your students well supplied this school year. Give Devine’s Office Supplies a call or visit our website today to discover our great selection of office supplies in Woodward, OK.

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