What’s the Ideal Office Temperature for Productivity?

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Whether you know it or not, there may be an undeclared war in your office. Although it’s usually a quiet one, the war over temperatures can become heated (or for some, too cold). The temperature in your office can affect everything from worker morale and comfort to productivity, and a difference of just a few degrees can have a surprisingly significant impact on how much your employees can get done. So, what temperature should you keep your office thermostat set to?

The old standard

The standard rule states that the ideal office temperature is between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is comfortable for the majority of typical office workers. However, the research that set this standard is outdated and based on an office of a majority of typical male employees during the 20th century. A lot has changed since this study was conducted. If you’re already looking to accommodate a larger majority of employees with things like office supplies in Woodward, OK, you also want to make an effort to accommodate everyone when it comes to temperature, or the productivity of your office could suffer.

Consider other factors

Before setting your temperature at a cool 70 degrees Fahrenheit and thinking that will accommodate the majority of workers, consider what other factors may be affecting your worker base. For one thing, women’s body chemistry is different from men’s, and today, most offices hold just as many females as males. Women’s lower metabolic rates and higher fat ratio makes women more susceptible to cold than men, resulting in a higher temperature being ideal. While it’s true that high temperatures could cause workers to be less productive, shivering temperatures could have the same effect, so it’s important to think about everyone’s needs before making these kinds of decisions. You may want to consider placing more cold-sensitive workers and their office furniture in Woodward, OK farther away from vents and/or closer to warm windows, or raising the temperature of the entire space if many people are complaining.

Other factors that may influence temperature perception in varying workers include a person’s weight and BMI. Those of lower weights and lower-than-average BMIs get colder more easily. Older workers may also be more susceptible to cold and may benefit from a higher office temperature. Plus, humidity can be an additional factor, creating a warmer-feeling room. If you live in an especially humid environment, you may need to keep temperatures cooler than you’d expect, or invest in an anti-humidifier. On the other hand, if you live in a very dry climate, workers may get colder more easily, and you may want to keep temperatures warmer.

Whatever temperature you decide is best for your office and your employees, you’ll want to make sure you have all the right office supplies in Woodward, OK to ensure productivity. At Devine’s Office Supplies, we have everything you need to keep your business office operating efficiently and at peak productivity. We have office furniture, printers, office décor and all your basic office supplies from pens and paper to desks and printer ink in Woodward, OK. Come see us today to stock up!

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