How to Know When to Replace Printer Toner

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Printer maintenance is an important part of making sure you are prepared for all your printing needs. Ensuring you replace your printer toner in Woodward, OK before it runs out will help make sure your business runs smoothly and that you don’t run out of toner on an important day when you’re trying to print out something critical or sizable. However, how can you know when your toner is running low to avoid this potentially costly disaster? Read on to learn more about the signs:

  • Pay attention to how long your toner lasts: The first thing you can do to keep an eye on your printer toner in Woodward, OK is pay attention to how long your toner regularly lasts. A range of factors affects how long your business’ toner lasts, including how much your business relies on printing, such as for reports and other documents. If your business rarely prints documents, your toner may last much longer.
  • Extend the life of your toner cartridges: One thing you can do to extend the life of your toner is properly care for your toner cartridges. You’ll want to regularly dust or vacuum the inside of the printer using a toner vacuum to ensure that your printer is working efficiently. If you’re low on toner, you may be able to get a bit more out by taking the cartridge out of the printer and rocking it back and forth to distribute whatever toner is left inside it. Additionally, make sure you’re properly storing unused cartridges.
  • Low toner warnings: If you have been caring properly for your printer, it should let you know when your toner is low by displaying a warning on the exterior of the printer. Some printers have a warning light, such as an LED, while some have a digital screen that will let you know. The light should come on when you’re nearing the end of the cartridge, but you should still be able to print a number of documents before it’s completely depleted. Paying attention to this light will give you ample time to purchase and prepare a new cartridge before you completely run out of toner in the middle of an important printing job.
  • Optimize your printing habits: If you’re running out of toner quickly, or if you just want to save money on purchasing new printer toner in Woodward, OK, you may try some tactics for optimizing your printing habits. Try to avoid printing out images, and only print documents you absolutely need to have in physical form. Plus, you can try using skinnier fonts for longer documents, or printing in draft mode.

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