How to Organize Your Office

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To be as productive as possible during your workday, it’s important to have an organized and efficient office space. Making sure you have the right office supplies in Woodward, OK includes having the right organization supplies and tools, as well as effective planning and execution of your organization strategy. Follow these tips for organizing your office supplies for the maximum efficiency and productivity:

  • Desktop: You should try to keep your desktop as clean as possible. Only keep items you use frequently (every day) on your desktop. A good example of this would be a pen cup. We use pens for everything all day long, and having them handy is a great use of space and will help your efficiency immensely instead of having to hunt through drawers for a pen that works. Keep your pen cup clear of pens that have run out of ink or highlighters that no longer work. You can also have a stapler and a small three-tier filing system for papers you handle on a daily basis. Only keep out papers you handle every day or that relate to current projects, and file older papers away.
  • Drawers: Drawers are great tools for storing somewhat less frequently used supplies than those you want to have on your desktop. Drawer dividers can be a life saver when it comes to organizing your desk drawer, and can be used to store and easily find smaller items like paper clips, liquid paper, sticky notes and more. Use square drawer dividers instead of circular, as they can sit neatly right next to each other without producing unused space between them. This will maximize the space in your drawers and maximize the organization.
  • Shelves: Shelves can be another great organizational tool in your office. However, many people fail to organize their office supplies in Woodward, OK on their shelves, having loose papers and supplies littering the shelves without any sort of order. To combat this problem, try using baskets or bins on your shelves to keep papers and supplies in place. This has the additional benefit of allowing you to group like items together within the basket, making papers and files easier to find more quickly and increasing efficiency.
  • Bullseye thinking: When deciding which items to have close to you, think about your office as a bullseye. You are the center of the bullseye, and the rings represent the levels of the items you use and how frequently you need to access them. The items in the circle close to you should be items you use all the time. The second circle represents items you use somewhat often, but not every day. Finally, the third circle represents items you use rarely. For instance, if you use your printer multiple times a day, it should be in the first circle. However, if you use it rarely, if ever, it should be in the third circle.

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