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If you’re working on your computer or a client’s computer, it’s important to work in a static-safe workspace. For proper computer repair in Woodward, OK, you also need to have the right tools in your workspace. It’s important to remember that even a small static discharge can severely harm your computer. Keep the following tools handy to make sure you can effectively protect your computer from static during computer repair in Woodward, OK:

  • Ground polarity tester: This plugs into an electrical outlet and verifies that the outlet is wired correctly. Rely on your grounded outlets for effectively dissipating charges and keeping your computer safe from static. Carry a ground polarity tester with you, so wherever you work, you can make sure your outlets are wired correctly.
  • Antistatic mat: Covering your workspace with an antistatic mat will ensure that any components you’re working with are protected against static discharges. It allows any residual charge to flow across the mat’s surface and away from your components. It should also be attached to a grounded outlet. Maintain your mat properly by using specially designed cleaners. Small portable mats are available for use when you need to travel to a job.
  • Antistatic grounding strap: Wearing these straps on your wrists or ankles will ensure that you don’t pass any charges to the components you’re working with. The alligator clip can attach directly to the components or to your grounded floor mat or bench. Wrist straps are great for traveling, because they are easier to carry than grounded floor mats.
  • Static sealed bags: You need these bags to transport and store components in a static-safe way. You should stock up on these, because they’re useful for many different components and can be reused.
  • Ground wire with alligator clip: These are helpful for grounding specific tools or components to your work area and are flexible and adaptable to a variety of applications during computer repair in Woodward, OK.
  • Electrical safety knowledge: Some of the devices designed to keep your computer safe can actually put you at risk if used in the wrong situation. For instance, you should never be grounded when operating high-voltage components that have not been discharged or when working with plugged-in equipment. This makes you susceptible to electric shock. Be particularly careful around CRTs and power supplies. These can have a huge charge, even after being disconnected from an outlet.

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