Personal Spaces in Modern Offices

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Many modern office buildings have done away with the old method of designing an office layout. Fewer companies are using blocks of gray cubicles in rows across the floor. Instead, many offices use an open office layout.

There are many benefits that come with an open concept office in Woodward, OK. However, there are also drawbacks to completely open space. Companies can bring the best of both worlds together by providing employees with personal spaces for their open concept offices.

The Benefits of an Open Concept Office in Woodward, OK

The idea of knocking down walls in an open concept layout isn’t just about physical walls of cubicles or offices. Open concept offices are designed to promote collaboration between team members. This includes communications between departments. With fewer physical barriers between teams, different departments can easily interact with one another.

Open office spaces also promote creativity through collaboration. Suddenly, you can bounce ideas off of the room at large and get many different opinions or feedback right away. The ideas can grow and others can offer their input into the mix as well. Ideally, team members will feel that their voices are heard and the group will enjoy a sense of camaraderie and cohesion. Overall, this leads to a more productive workspace, with employees who are happy to be in the office.

How to Keep Open Concepts Beneficial

Unfortunately, the open concept office isn’t always beneficial. People like to have private, personal space even when they’re at work. Whether someone needs to take a personal phone call or just needs some time to decompress, personal spaces are essential to the happiness and productivity of team members. Additionally, offices usually need a place for small teams or groups to work on specific projects or hold meetings without distractions or disturbances.

Another issue with open concept offices is a lack of privacy. No one wants another team member—or worse, their boss—to enter their personal space and hover over their shoulder while they work. Open offices can sometimes promote this type of behavior. The lack of a visual or physical barrier between an employee and the rest of the office often leads to people entering the employee’s personal space without asking.

In order to reap the benefits of an open concept office in Woodward, OK while also avoiding the downfalls, it’s important to create personal spaces for employees. You can do this by creating rooms or divided areas that are designed for just one or two people, or for a small group. Cubicle walls set up away from the hustle of the rest of the office make a great place for employees to take personal calls.

For team meetings, small conference rooms can be outfitted with office furniture ideal for small groups. You can also add desks with hutches to give employees a little more personal space, even in an open concept layout.

Give Your Office Personal Spaces

Give your employees the best of both worlds with an open concept office in Woodward, OK that incorporates personal spaces. Contact the team at Devine’s Office Supplies to get started finding the right office furniture for your open concept office.

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