Disposable Pens: The Disaster Destined for the Dumpster

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If you had to count the number of plastic disposable pens you have, would you even be able to? Think about how many pens wind up in your car, a junk drawer or your office desk. It’s something many people don’t think about often, but disposable pens can add up to a lot of useless plastic filling landfills across the country and around the world.

Read on to see why disposable pens are a problem and what you can do to help eliminate your use of disposable pens, like switching to refillable office pens in Woodward, OK.

Why Disposable Pens Are a Problem

When first introduced, disposable pens were a game-changer. It’s easy to pick up a cheap pack of disposable pens that can be used until the ink runs out and then tossed. Offices started buying plastic pens in bulk to stock supply rooms, and companies began giving out disposable pens as promotional items.

Unfortunately, almost all disposable pens are made of plastic that winds up in landfills. Once the ink runs out of a disposable pen, there’s not much you can do with them. Most of the time they wind up in the dumpster. Although some disposable pens feature the ability to refill the ink, refills aren’t readily available and it can be almost impossible to find the right size.

What You Can Do with Your Existing Pens

There aren’t many people who don’t have a large collection of disposable pens strewn throughout their homes, cars and offices. Luckily, there are some things you can do with existing disposable pens. First, you’ll want to make sure you use all of the ink in the pen so you get the most life out of it. This might include contacting local schools to see if teachers could use your working disposable pens.

Once you’ve used up the ink in your pens, you’ll need to find a way to dispose of the plastic casing. There are artists who use disposable pens in their work as a way to reduce the amount that winds up in landfills. You can seek out an artist and see if they’d accept your pens. Additionally, pen recycling programs are becoming more common from pen manufacturers and third parties.

Disposable Pen Alternatives

The most difficult reason why it’s hard to eliminate our disposable pen usage is that they’re so readily available. The first step to reducing your use of disposable pens is to decline them when offered, such as at the bank or a trade show.

One of the best alternatives to disposable pens is refillable office pens in Woodward, OK. High-quality office pens usually have metal casings, and ink refills are available for purchase. Purchasing an office pen that can be refilled when the ink runs dry can help you eliminate your need for disposable pens.

Find High-Quality Office Pens in Woodward, OK

Help reduce waste from disposable pens by purchasing high-quality office pens from Devine’s Office Supplies. We’ll help you find the right office supplies, including pens, to assist your office in its efforts to reduce waste.

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