How to Solve the Most Common Office Printer Problems

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Office printers can be one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment that most people deal with on a daily basis. Printers are known for being unreliable, challenging to work with and general nuisances. With the right technical expertise and know-how, however, you can master your company’s printer problems and overcome even the most rebellious technology.

Finding a trusted store that sells high-quality printer ink in Woodward, OK may help you solve some of your printer-related ills. Often, printer challenges arise because subpar ink and paper are used in the machine. Working with a trusted supplier can help you ensure that you’re not putting low-quality materials into your delicate digital machinery.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to simply purchase a new printer for your office space, but printers are expensive and represent a major investment. Instead, you should work with a local office supply company to identify ways to protect and preserve your existing office printer. Here are just a few things that you can do to solve common office printer problems:

  • Paper jams: Paper jams are one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a printer. In most cases, they’re simply the result of a misalignment that occurs when the paper is loaded. In other cases, however, paper jams could be caused by other issues, like using the wrong type of paper or using poor quality paper.
  • Printing takes too long: Another common issue that plagues printers is when printing takes too long. If you need your printed papers in a hurry, try changing the settings to print at a lower quality. If you’re using a wireless printer, try connecting directly to the router instead. This can dramatically speed up printing.
  • Quality is too low: If the quality of your printed papers is too low, it could just be that your printer isn’t up to the job. More likely, however, is that the settings aren’t switched to optimize quality. If a change of settings doesn’t remedy the issue, try cleaning the interior of the printer, particularly the ink head.
  • Running out of ink: If you frequently find yourself running out of ink, you may want to change the printer to a draft setting, which will reduce the quality of the print job. This can save you a substantial amount of ink, and is perfectly suitable for internal documents. Keeping a reserve ink cartridge on hand is also always a good idea.
  • Mobile printing: You don’t have to have a wireless printer to print directly from a mobile device. Talk to your print shop expert to learn about programs and apps you can install to connect your phone or tablet to your printer via your server or computer network.

For the past 80 years, Devine’s Office Supplies has been among the region’s most trusted providers of office supply solutions. We’re proud to sell high-quality printer ink in Woodward, OK. Each of our highly knowledgeable, well-trained employees possesses the expertise necessary to optimize your office supply outcomes. Reach out to one of our friendly representatives today to learn more about ways that we can help you make the most of your existing office printer.

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