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If you’re setting up a new space for yourself and your employees, you may be wondering what types of office furniture you need to plan on investing in. The reality is that there is a wide variety of office furniture types, and what is essential for one team may not be necessary for another. When deciding which office furniture is right for you, you should carefully consider both the needs of your team and the constraints of your space.

Consulting with an expert at a store specializing in the sale of office furniture in Woodward, OK is the best way to ensure that you’re purchasing office furniture that will meet the needs of yourself and your team. Office furniture experts possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to set you up with high-quality goods that you can count on to keep your team happy and productive.

However, there are a number of office furniture staples that you should strongly consider installing at your office space, including the following:

  • Ergonomic chairs: Chances are, most of your employees spend their time seated at a desk. It’s important to have a chair that’s designed to minimize discomfort and optimize productivity. Ergonomic chairs are specially built to reduce the health risks involved with spending extended periods of time seated.
  • Standing desks and mats: Because spending lots of time seated is detrimental to human health, it’s advisable to also invest in standing desks and soft mats. These can encourage employees to alternate between sitting and standing, meaning that they’ll reduce their health risks and be more productive in the office.
  • Monitor arms: With traditional computer monitor stands, employees are forced to crane their necks over their computer screens all day long. Monitor arms, however, allow employees to safely and easily adjust the position of their monitors. These are particularly useful for desks designed to switch between standing and seated positions.
  • Filing cabinets: While it may seem outdated, it’s important to never underestimate the value of a filing cabinet. Even in the most modern offices, filing cabinets are an absolute essential. It’s always advisable to store hard copies of important documents, especially financial documents and receipts, in an easy-to-access space.
  • Comfort options: You should also invest in areas that make your employees feel comfortable and at-home. Consider purchasing lazy chairs, couches, coffee tables and more for your office. Also consider purchasing kitchen and dining gear for your break room. This will help employees feel engaged and invested in their work.

Since 1939, Devine’s Office Supplies has been a premier provider of office furniture in Woodward, OK. We’re proud to provide a fully stocked inventory of high-quality furniture solutions that meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. To learn more about our high-quality office furnishings, reach out to one of our friendly, qualified representatives today. We’d be more than happy to discuss your unique needs, as well as the constraints of your space, and assist you with determining which office furniture solutions best address your company’s needs.

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