2019’s Office Spring Cleaning “Honey-Do” Checklist

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What’s on your spring cleaning checklist? Don’t forget your office! It’s important to keep this area clean and organized year-round, and spring is a great time to reevaluate and revamp this space. How? Your office supply store in Woodward, OK can help.

Use the following checklist to complete a thorough cleaning of your office this spring. You might be amazed at what a few simple steps can do to freshen and organize your work area!


If you’re like most people, your desk drawers and cubbies are filled with documents that you held onto because you thought they were important. To begin your cleaning process, start with sorting through all the items in your work area and sorting them.

Place papers in one of three piles. The first is the crucial pile—these are things you look at or use each day or each week. The second pile is the important stack—these you look at on a monthly basis. The last pile is the insignificant pile—these are items you haven’t looked at in at least a year. (There’s actually a fourth pile: the trash can. If you know you will never need that paper again, throw it away or recycle it.)


Now that you have everything categorized by level of importance, you can prioritize your space. Place the documents you use frequently at the front of your filing drawer. Place the ones you rarely access at the back.

Further organize each section into categories. You might file by vendor, client, type of use or another system that works for your documents. Choose a theme that makes sense with your office and stick to it.


Once your paperwork is organized, move on to your supplies. Almost every office space could use a catch-all drawer. This is the place to store all of those items that don’t seem to have a home anywhere else. Common items in this drawer include batteries, sticky notes, pens, tape, etc. Choose one drawer that you can designate as your catch-all space, and place all of these loose items here. Use a drawer organizer to keep this space free from chaos.


Once your desk interior is cleaned and organized, move on to the décor. How many items have you placed on your desk, shelves or other areas of your office? Does it look or feel cluttered? If there are items that are simply gathering dust, consider removing them. If you can’t part with them due to sentimental reasons, consider placing them in a memento box, or rotating different items out each season. This will cut down on the amount of clutter in the room and make the space more usable.

Everything You Need

As you complete your office spring cleaning, partner with your go-to office supply store in Woodward, OK. We have everything you need to organize your workspace for maximum efficiency. Devine’s Office Supplies specializes in office furniture, office supplies, office décor and printers. Stop in today to peruse our incredible selection. Have questions? Reach out to our friendly staff. We look forward to helping you create a freshly cleaned and organized workspace.

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