Year-End Office Cleanup Checklist

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The end of the year is the perfect time to focus on an office-wide cleanup. With people leaving for the holidays, and with the fresh new year just weeks away, the end of the year is an ideal time for cleaning up your office space. The question is, where to start? Well, here are a few tips from our team to yours on post-holiday office cleaning.

Start with the papers

If you’re like most businesses, Q4 is your busiest quarter, which means it’s easy for paperwork to get out of hand. To help reduce and organize the stacks of paper around your office, you’ll need a few things from a local office supply store in Woodward, OK:

  • Recycling bin
  • Filing folders
  • Labels
  • Filing cabinet or boxes
  • Scanner

Start by sorting what needs to be saved and what can be thrown out. Be sure to recycle all the papers you don’t need. Next, you’ll want to start sorting and filing. If you already have a filing system in place, great. If not, now’s the perfect time to make one using folders and labels. Depending on how much paperwork you have to store, you can use a filing cabinet, filing boxes, or even an in-desk filer. If you would prefer to go digital, you can easily scan paperwork and sort it using folders on your computer system.

Restock your inventory

Once you’ve cleared up the clutter, you can take inventory of the office supplies you need to start the new year right. Sticky notes, pens, paper and everything else you need to restock your office can be found at our office supply store in Woodward, OK.

Clean your desktop

Just like your paperwork can pile up and become disorganized, so can the files and folders on your desktop. You should delete any old files you don’t need and sort your other files into folders and subfolders for easy access. You should also think of renaming files so they can be easily searched by date or client name, for example.

Wipe everything down

Before you leave for the holidays, move your computer, as well as anything else on your desk that typically stays in one place, and clean behind it. Dust can quickly accumulate in those out-of-sight places, which can become detrimental to your electronics and even your health. You should also wipe down your keyboard, monitor and other office equipment. Be sure that you use wipes specifically designed for these purposes so you don’t risk damaging your monitor or other delicate office technology.

Clean out the food items

Let’s face it, the holidays mean special treats and snacks at the office, followed by a lot of people being gone. To avoid any bad smells and gross surprises in the new year, be sure to clean up and toss any leftovers in the office fridge and cupboards.

By following these few simple steps, you can start the new year with a clean, well-stocked and organized workspace. For office cleaning and organization supplies, be sure to visit us at Devine’s Office Supplies, your locally-owned office supply store in Woodward, OK!

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