A Guide to Must-Have Office Supplies in Woodward, OK

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When you think about supplying an office, you might prioritize big items like copiers, chairs and desktops, but there are a number of smaller supplies that are also important to the operation of your office. Equipping your office with some essential office supplies in Woodward, OK ensures that your employees have everything that they need to carry out their daily responsibilities in an organized and productive manner. Read on to find out more about a few of the most important supplies that your office needs:

  • Paper: Even though businesses do a lot of work online nowadays, paper is still essential in an office environment. You should have plenty of printer paper on hand, as well as cardstock for printing important documents. You should also have stationery, along with envelopes so that you can send paper checks, letters and invoices.
  • Writing instruments: Stock up on pens, pencils and highlighters. All of your employees should have writing instruments on or in their desk, and you should have a supply closet with extra writing instruments just in case. Simple ballpoint pens in black or blue are the best for an office environment. An array of colorful highlighters can help employees keep track of important notes and organize information by color.
  • Binders and binder organization: Binders are great for keeping thoughts, notes, ideas and projects organized. Keep plenty of binders on hand for employees to use, along with index tabs, labels, binder clips and three-hole punches to make binder organization as easy as possible.
  • Planning tools: Planners and calendars keep events, meetings and information organized by date and can help your employees stay on top of scheduling, priorities and deadlines. Consider providing each of your employees with a planner or calendar to keep everyone as organized as possible. You can also post a calendar that outlines meetings and events in a break room or common area in your office so that everyone is kept up to date.
  • Lighting: If your office has ample overhead lighting, you might not see the need for lamps, but extra lighting can be a great addition to an office environment. Using lamps with warm lighting tones helps set a more pleasant atmosphere in your office, and may even give you the freedom to turn down some of those fluorescent lights (or even turn them off entirely).
  • Sticky notes: When it comes to jotting down a quick note, phone number or reminder, nothing beats a sticky note. Keep plenty of sticky note pads around so that your employees can write down bits of important information as needed.

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