Updates That Can Increase Productivity in Your Office

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Productivity is one of the most important elements of operating a business. Regardless of the size of your office space or the role that your employees play in the operation of your company, it’s essential that you take steps to maximize productivity without compromising morale. Some employers choose to focus their efforts on direct communication with their employees about tightening up turnaround times and increasing work speed, but this strategy can do a lot more harm than good. Fortunately, you can boost productivity seamlessly while improving morale by updating some of your office supplies in Woodward, OK:

  • Encourage breaks: Oftentimes, the best way to promote productivity and focus is by accommodating your employees’ need to take a mental break. When an employee can get up from their desk, go to a break room and take a breather, they will be able to return to their work with enhanced clarity and focus.
  • Emphasize shared spaces: Shared spaces give employees the opportunity to make connections with each other and develop a social cohesion within the office. This kind of shared space is helpful for your employees in many different ways.
  • Inspire creativity: There have been numerous studies done on the connection between creativity and critical thinking that demonstrate the importance of creative expression when it comes to cognition. When employees are given space to express themselves creatively, like a whiteboard wall where they can write or draw during the day, it can lead to improved creativity in work-related contexts as well.
  • Accommodate collaboration: Collaboration is essential, so consider moving away from a blocked out cubicle layout and instead try out an open concept office. This enables employees to share ideas, ask questions and connect freely without the constraints of cubicles.
  • Consider standing desks: Standing desks give employees more freedom and have been linked to several health benefits, including improved circulation, better posture and reduced instances of neck and back pain.
  • Go paperless: Your employees likely do a lot of their work on the computer, so why not take advantage of your digital resources and work towards a paperless workplace? This will reduce the footprint of your business and can make it much easier to organize paperwork and communications.
  • Offer healthy snacks and drinks: Employees who are hungry and thirsty will not be as productive as they could be. Stock a fridge in your breakroom with healthy snacks and beverages like fruit, vegetables and sparkling water.
  • Make private spaces available: While collaboration is important, there are certain instances when privacy is necessary. Make sure employees have access to private offices and conference rooms where they can hold meetings or simply focus for a while.
  • Keep employees focused: At the end of the day, all of the work that your employees do contributes to the goals and mission of your company. Remind your employees of the bigger picture by posting your mission statement and goals in a shared space.

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