Wooden vs. Mechanical Pencils: Pros and Cons

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Do you remember the days when you had to have a no. 2 wooden pencil on hand at all times? Standardized tests in schools made this a tradition, but has that tradition passed? Are wooden pencils still a good choice? If you’re shopping the aisles of your office supply store in Woodward, OK, should you choose wooden pencils or mechanical pencils?

The truth is, there are pros and cons of both styles. Which you choose will depend on how you weigh these variables. Here’s a rundown on each option to help you pick your favorite pencil.

Wooden Pencils – Pros

  • Standard: If a computer will be reading the marks made by a pencil, wooden ones remain the standard option. You’ll need to use these to ensure the software can pick up the pencil marks.
  • Cost: Wooden pencils are very inexpensive. If you lose one here and there, it’s not a big loss. They are an affordable option to keep on hand in your home office or at your place of business.

Wooden Pencils – Cons

  • Limited lifespan: As you continue to sharpen a wooden pencil, it gets closer to the end of its life. You will eventually have to throw it away.
  • Fragility: Wooden pencils are easy to break. They can also warp due to temperature or extended use.
  • Supplies: In order to keep your wooden pencil sharp, you must keep a pencil sharpener on hand. This could be a small hand-sharpening device or an electric pencil sharpener. Either way, it is necessary to have something available to continue using wooden pencils.

Mechanical Pencils – Pros

  • Longevity: Mechanical pencils can be used for extended periods of time. You can simply keep replacing the lead to extend its life, which could be years long.
  • Clickable: You don’t have to mess with re-sharpening a mechanical pencil. With a simple click, you can extend more lead to continue writing.

Mechanical Pencils – Cons

  • Eraser: Often, mechanical pencils’ writing ability far outlasts their erasing ability. While you can easily add more lead, the eraser runs out, making it difficult to continue using the pencil.
  • Fine lines: Mechanical pencils typically offer fine lines and fragile lead. It can be difficult to produce broader lines with mechanical lead, and it doesn’t take much pressure to break the point.
  • Supplies: To use mechanical pencils, you must keep extra lead on hand to refill it as needed. If you run out of this supply, you can no longer write.

The Options

Due to their various pros and cons, a majority of individuals and businesses like to keep both options on hand. Each person has their own preferences, and having both available keeps everyone satisfied.

Choose Your Tool

Whether you prefer mechanical pencils or wooden pencils, your one-stop shop is your office supply store in Woodward, OK. At Devine’s Office Supplies, we offer a large selection of both mechanical and wooden pencils to meet all your writing needs. Stop in today or contact us with any questions. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with superior service and supplies.

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