How to Choose the Right Copiers in Woodward, OK for Your Company

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Not all copiers in Woodward, OK are created equal. Not all companies are, either. When selecting a copy machine for your company, it’s important to find the best match. The machine can greatly affect your daily operations and help keep your business running smoothly.

If you’re in the market for a new copier, consider the following buying tips. These will help you choose the best machine for your office, based on your specific needs.

Decide on Inkjet or Laser

One of the main decisions you must make when selecting a copier in Woodward, OK is whether to buy an inkjet or laser machine. This depends on your printing needs.

Do you need colored copies that offer high-quality images? If so, an inkjet is better for these jobs. Do you print large jobs of mostly black and white text? If so, a laser machine will be best. Do you have minimal space in your office for a copier? Inkjets are typically smaller and more portable. Do you need to print at fast speeds? Laser copiers can spit out more pages per minute. Are you concerned about your ink cartridge budget? Laser machines are generally more expensive to purchase, but you will save on ink cartridges in the long run, compared to inkjet machines.

Choose to Buy or Lease

Did you know you can either rent or purchase a copier in Woodward, OK? Both buying and leasing offer advantages and disadvantages. Things to consider include maintenance, depreciation, tax incentives and cost. To weigh these pros and cons, consult with your local copier dealer in Woodward, CO. The team at Devine’s Office Supplies can help you determine which option is best for your business.

Consider the Features

Each copier in Woodward, CO offers specific functionality features to tailor its use. As you weigh your options, look at the following features of each machine to determine which best suits your needs:

  • Print speed/volume: Look for the “ppm” designation of the machine. This indicates how many pages per minute the copier can handle. If you know you need a speedy machine, look for at least 52 ppm.
  • Ability: What kind of paper can the machine use? Look for the paper capacity listing of the machine. If you’ll need to print on larger sheets, make sure the copier offers this ability.
  • Graphics: Will you need to make copies of images? Check the resolution of each machine. If you’ll mostly be printing text documents, you can get by with a lower dpi. If you need to reproduce high-quality images, be sure the machine offers a high dpi.
  • Expansion: How much can the machine remember? Most copiers offer an internal memory. Do you need to save the copies that you make? Will you want to expand the memory in the future? Check these capabilities to ensure the machine has the memory you need.

Make the Best Choice

For a full selection of top-quality copiers in Woodward, OK, shop the options at Devine’s Office Supplies. Contact us today with any questions or for assistance in choosing the right machine for your business. Our team is ready to help you make the best choice.

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