Five Common Copy Machine and Printer Problems

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If you’ve spent any time working in an office environment, you know that copiers and printers can cause a lot of frustrations. The machines are extremely important in any office setting, which makes it even more irritating when they don’t work like they’re supposed to.

Here are some of the most common copy machine and printer problems you are likely to experience, and how you can work with an office supply store in Woodward, OK to avoid or resolve them:

  • Paper jams: Paper jams are perhaps the most common type of error people in an office will experience with their copier. There are many different reasons why paper will jam in a machine. Sometimes it’s simply been loaded improperly, other times it’s not the correct size for the machine. Whatever the issue, jams occur when the copier is not correctly pulling paper through the machine. Usually, to fix the issue, you need to manually remove the jammed paper and then reload the paper correctly. In addition, dust and debris can clog up the machine and cause jams, so it can help to occasionally wipe the feed tires to keep dust from building up.
  • Cartridge or toner problems: Low or malfunctioning toners are another issue commonly experienced with printers and copiers. A low or empty toner can simply be replaced, and you won’t have to worry about making any repairs. However, if the toner is malfunctioning, there could be a couple problems. There could be some sort of manufacturer error at play, in which case you would need to request a machine replacement. There could also be an incompatibility issue, which means you might be using the wrong toner for the machine.
  • Streaks on the paper: If you use the copier and the copies have streaks or lines, there are several problems that could be causing this. The scanner glass could be dirty, so you should clean it off if that’s the issue. Otherwise, you could be experiencing malfunctions with the drum, developer unit or drum blade, or some sort of issue with the fusers. If these types of malfunctions are the root of a problem, you might need to call on a professional to resolve the issue.
  • Too light or dark: If your copies are coming out either too light or too dark, this is usually a result of the density controls not being put to the proper settings. Someone might have accidentally altered these settings, which causes all subsequent copies to not be the correct density. However, there’s also a chance the toner could be bad or the drum is malfunctioning, so if the density isn’t the issue, those should be the next items you check
  • Wrinkled pages: Getting wrinkled pages from your copier is extremely frustrating. This usually happens when the rollers become sticky and create jams, but can also happen as a result of moisture buildup from humidity, or from worn-out paper trays.

For more information about resolving the most common printer and copier issues, contact an office supply store in Woodward, OK.

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