The Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

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How much time do you spend working at a desk? If your home or business office is a place where you spend significant time, it’s essential to choose the best furniture for both form and function. Your office furniture in Woodward, OK should be suitable for the tasks you need to accomplish and provide a comfortable atmosphere in which to do them.

To ensure these standards hold true, consider a sit-stand desk as part of your arrangement. This unique piece offers several advantages over traditional furniture:

  • Weight loss: A sedentary job often leads to weight gain. Sitting at a desk all day burns very few calories. By standing, you can burn a lot more calories while you work. While it doesn’t take the place of regular exercise, it adds to your activity level throughout the day and reduces the chances you will take in more calories than you burn, which causes weight gain.
  • Blood sugar health: Your blood sugar levels are integral to your overall health. Spikes in blood sugar can affect long-term health, development of disease as well as daily performance. Have you ever felt particularly tired or energized after lunch? This spike or dip in blood sugar is common. Using a sit-stand desk can help prevent these spikes. Alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day or after lunch is helpful to maintain optimal, stable blood sugar levels.
  • Heart health: The more time you spend sitting, the more likely you are to develop heart disease. The prolonged sedentary time is not healthy. By using a sit-stand desk, you keep your body more active throughout the day and boost your heart health.
  • Back pain: Do you ever experience back pain while sitting at your desk? Poor posture, long sitting periods or uncomfortable chairs can be harsh on your back and result in intense pain. A sit-stand desk alleviates this pain by forcing you into different positions. Chronic back pain caused by sitting may be greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Morale boost: After hours of sitting at a desk, many people feel fatigued, stressed or depressed. Using a sit-stand desk for your office furniture in Woodward, OK can improve your energy levels as well as your mood. The desk helps you change positions, stay more alert and feel better about your day.
  • Productivity: How much can you get done in one day? Did you know you might be more productive with a sit-stand desk? You may worry that standing will decrease your productivity, but it’s more likely to boost it. You’ll have more energy and alertness, so you will be better prepared for the tasks at hand.

Would you like more information about the best office furniture in Woodward, OK for your needs? To create the work environment that’s most conducive to meeting your job and health needs, contact the office environment pros at Devine’s Office Supplies. We offer everything you need to keep your home or business office running optimally. Contact us with any questions or to order your new sit-stand desk today.

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