What Are the Differences in Pen Points? Does It Matter? Answers from Your Office Supply Store in Woodward, OK

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In today’s world of technology, you may wonder whether anyone even uses pens any more. Yes, they are still an office staple, and yes, they differ greatly by pen points. When you enter an office supply store in Woodward, OK, you will notice several different types of pens. Each point type creates a different experience for writing and a different appearance for the words.

Which pen point is best for your needs? Use the following overview of the main types of pen points to learn what you can expect from each and determine which pen is perfect for your paperwork:

  • Fine point: This pen offers a very small point on the end. It provides precision for fine writing. It allows you to write smaller print, and it is also less likely to bleed on paper than larger points. However, some find this type of point difficult to use because the print is so fine.
  • Medium point: This style of pen offers a smooth experience for consistent writing. Using this style, you can write as small or large as you need for the situation. The drawback for the medium point is that it is more likely to bleed ink onto the paper.
  • Bold point: The bold point allows large amounts of ink to leave the point, creating bold, solid lines of writing. Some people love to use these for their clarity and dark print. However, the darkness of the ink often makes the writing bleed through the paper, which can pose a problem for some documents.
  • Extra fine: For those situations when you need extreme precision or have a tiny space in which to write, extra fine points come in handy. For day-to-day use, these pens are often too faint or challenging to use for most writers.
  • Arrow point: As the name implies, the point of this style of pen is shaped like an arrow. This can be useful for creating stylish scripts. It may also allow you to write for longer periods of time, due to better handling and better ink usage.
  • Needle point: A needle point pen offers a needle-size tip. This style of pen offers some of the smallest styles to create the thinnest lines. This allows you to create a very straight edge for accurate lines. Due to this advantage, needle point pens are often good choices for free-hand drawing.
  • Brush point: This style allows you to create various widths of print depending on how much pressure you apply to the pen. They provide deep, rich color. The flexibility in print size can be helpful, but the bold strokes might not be appropriate for all documentation.

Which pen point is right for your writing? Your office supply store in Woodward, OK offers a full range of pen supplies to meet all your needs. Shop the extensive selection at Devine’s Office Supplies today to start writing better tomorrow. Feel free to contact our supply experts with any questions about our various pen points.

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