10 Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized with Office Products in Woodward, OK

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Is your desk clean, or chaotic? Does it look polished, or perpetually messy? If you have trouble finding things or struggle to even find a clear space to work, it might be time to “reorganize.” Use the following tips to keep your desk prepped and ready for work with office products in Woodward, OK:

  • Regular cleaning: Schedule a time each day or each week to clean your desk. If you wait long periods between cleaning, this chore takes a long time and feels overwhelming. If you take a few minutes to tidy up each day, you can keep your desk organized and keep the task manageable. Consider doing this first thing or just after lunch.
  • End your day on a clean note: Even if you clean your desk each morning or afternoon, take a moment to get organized before you close up shop for the day. Make your desk presentable before you leave. This will leave a better impression for anyone who walks by after you are gone (such as your boss) and will provide a nice work space to return to in the morning, for a fresh start.
  • Out with it: If we’re honest, we don’t need a majority of the stuff we hold onto. If you aren’t sure you need it, get rid of it. You’ll be amazed at the space you save and the clutter you clear by throwing out the items you don’t really need.
  • Reduce paper: Do you really need all the memos, reports or subscriptions that come across your desk? Consider eliminating some of this influx. If you don’t actually need a hard copy of something, change the process so you no longer receive it.
  • Garbage: Do you have a trash can near your desk? Keep things clean and efficient by placing a trash can within reach of your chair. This will make disposal simple and avoid piles of trash on your desk (or on the floor around a bin that is so far away that you toss and miss).
  • Away with clutter: Personalizing your space is okay, but take a good look at everything on your desk. Is it cluttered with knickknacks and accessories? Too many items that serve no purpose make your space less purposeful. Streamline your desk, removing office products in Woodward, OK that aren’t helpful to your workspace.
  • Never set trash down: Hold trash in your hand until you throw it away (in your convenient, nearby trash can). Putting trash on your desk to dispose of later creates unnecessary mess and could lead to disaster if food or drink spills on your paperwork.
  • iPhone it: Many people keep items on their desk for reference. You need a new ink cartridge, so you keep the old packaging to remind yourself to buy it and what kind you should purchase. You want to read an article someday, so you keep the clipping on your desk. Try taking a picture of these items instead. Then, throw them away. You’re more likely to have your phone on you when you are ready to access the information anyway.
  • Zone your inbox: Do you have a physical place to put items that need attention? Incoming papers need a home. Without one, they get scattered all over your desk and may never get the attention they need. To stay organized, create a specified zone on your desk for incoming items.
  • E-files: Consider investing in a scanner. Create PDFs of the paper items that are cluttering up your desk. They’ll be ready for quick reference and out of your way.

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