Why Should I Use a Paper Planner from an Office Supply Store in Woodward, OK?

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In a time in which we have Google Calendar and plenty of phone alerts, many people are still using paper planners on an everyday basis. While some argue paper is obsolete, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many people actually prefer paper planners to the use of digital counterparts, and for good reasons.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why people choose to use paper planners from an office supply store in Woodward, OK.

Writing something down helps to commit it to memory

Studies have shown that writing something down helps a person to remember it more than typing it into a phone or computer. Granted, everyone has different learning styles, but for many people, a paper planner helps them to actually remember all of the events and obligations they have in their schedules without needing to rely on that planner.

This is one of the reasons why many college professors have argued that students who take notes in a notebook with a pen or pencil are likely going to remember the material better than those students who bring a laptop to class and type their notes out.

A paper planner can serve multiple purposes

Some people, for example, like for their planner to double as a journal. This means that not only does your planner become an important means of tracking what you have going on in your life, but it can also be a chronicle of your life that you’ll be able to look back on years later when you’re feeling nostalgic.

A paper planner is highly accessible

It’s extremely easy to just open up a paper planner and write something in it. Using a computer or phone app to implement calendar dates can be clunky, and requires more technical knowledge than the use of a paper planner does.

This is especially important for younger children, or for older adults who did not grow up around the types of technology that are so common today. Many seniors, for example, still use paper planners. Children who do not carry around their own cell phone or tablet should still be taught organizational skills as well, so having a paper planner is a great way to teach them these skills that they will carry with them their entire life, and use on these digital media if they so choose.

Some people just prefer physical planners

For some people, the idea of a paper planner and a set of pens just makes them happy. Many of the people who come to our office supply store in Woodward, OK don’t have any particular reason for opting for pen and paper over digital calendars—they just like it better. It might seem surprising that there are so many of these people around when everything is moving to more digital platforms these days, but these people still make up a sizeable chunk of the population.

For more information about why you might choose a paper planner instead of a digital calendar, contact an office supply store in Woodward, OK.

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